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Use of Virtual Reality corporate events? | VRAshwa

VR in Corporate

Virtual Reality means creating a fake world and experiencing all those impossible things in real life. Like swimming in the Pacific Ocean, flying like Superman, etc. But have you ever wondered how VR is used in corporate events? What makes VR so unique and famous?
Virtual Reality is already being used by many companies in a single day. Many big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung have already started using VR in their day-to-day work. These companies use VR for conference calls, training sessions, internal meetings, and other events. Implementing VR in company events has many benefits over traditional event planning methods, and it’s overgrowing with time.

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Why is VR so famous for Corporate Events?

Virtual Reality is one of the most demanding and advanced technologies in recent decades. Trillion-dollar companies like GOOGLE, Meta, and Microsoft have invested BILLIONS of dollars into this technology. Virtual Reality creates an illusion in media formats that can quickly fail our senses, and we can experience all those things that were not even present then.
While virtual Reality is still in its infancy, it is quickly growing in popularity. Technology is improving rapidly, and as that happens, more and more people are trying it out. For example, in 2016, over $1 billion was invested in VR technology, which is triple the amount invested in 2015. By 2020, that number will rise to $12 billion

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How is VR used in corporate events?

VR helps corporate businesses to understand their clients or customers. Let’s understand with one example. Suppose that one business is creating a parachute that is useful during skydiving, and the marketing team has to do marketing of that product. To understand the benefits and risks of that product, the marketing team has to do skydiving, which is very costly and risky, but with the help of VR, they can quickly experience everything about skydiving.

How can VR be useful in Corporate Events?

While VR has some practical uses in corporate events, it is also a costly technology that is still limited in its application and use. If a company is looking to incorporate VR technology into its events, there are a few ways it can be helpful.

  • Event venue evaluation
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Product Events

VR venue evaluation- 

VR can help event organizers with venue selection. Traditionally, organizers must visit the venue, which is expensive, and sometimes travel long distances.
But in VR, organizers can visit and see the whole venue virtually, so they can save money and time travelling. They can analyze the size, space, design, convenience, and all the facilities available in that venue.

Conferences and Meetings-

How many times have you tried to come up with perfect team-building tactics?How many hours have you wasted on how to come up with the attendees who haven’t met before?
You can bring your team together excitingly by renting VR in a corporate meeting. This type of meeting allows participants to attend a meeting by donning a VR headset at a remote location and participating as if they were there. It also allows them to move around as if they were at the event.

Product Events- 

After gaming, this is the only field where we can know infinitely about the growth and success of Virtual Reality.
Virtual reality organizers can arrange any product launch or event without worrying about the size of the venue and number of public.
Organizers only have to invest in high-end VR applications and devices or rent all these services from a VR Rental provider, but all these investments will give more return than renting a venue.

“We achieved everything we set out to do and worked with all our preferred platforms to let our community and volunteers shine.
We shined a spotlight on the industry and proved the viability of this tech for education and large events.to get high-level attention. And we had a fantastic time.”

Microsoft’s AltSpace VR hosted an event and had around 170 speakers and over 2000 attendees.


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