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What Does Android 9 do for your Smart TV?

Gone are the days when Android versions were used only for smartphones. Today, they are designed just as much for smart TVs as well. The best part is that with every update, the features that you can make use of improves, naturally. Otherwise, what is the point of upgrading anyway right? But coming back to smart TVs and their Android versions, you can now go in for certified Android 9.0 (Pie) with the official Play Store. So without any further ado, here are a few things you can do when you have Android 9 for your smart TV. This helps you decide whether going in for it is going to worth it.

You get help for all your queries and questions 

Owing to Google Assistant that comes with Android Pie, you can obtain prompt and seamless answers whenever you require them. With Google Assistant, you can utilize voice commands to carry out various actions even on companion devices. This also assures you that you have better control over your device and can seamlessly setup operated related assistant interactions. You can use it for playback control, deep linking, and also recommendations. 

Operators can expand their business

If you are an operator, it can prove to be great for your business if you are into home automation. Since it offers complete integration with the Google Home ecosystem, you get everything you need. All you have to do is install the apps and then know for sure that they do not break apart from the CPE ecosystem. You are also spared the trouble of moving to other devices such as input sources and smart TVs.

It ensures installing apps is seamless 

You can, in a hassle-free manner, download certified apps and take advantage of an all-new visual experience that is not just restricted to your smartphone. You can so download video, games, fitness and other apps. This also makes it easy for you to use social media and also listen to music. This takes your relaxing time up a notch. 

It can prove to be beneficial for ads

It also works wonders for the ad world. TV ad budgets have moved on to online videos. Operators in the Android smart TV department are going to benefit in a huge way from this. These experts can get advertisers by filtering and cutting down on their ads. This also proves to be great when they are attempting to reach and influence the right kind of demographic. This is because, in this way, they can put out content in a manner that captures their attention. This is one collaboration that caters to everyone.

So there you go. Going in for a smart TV that comes with Android 9 is a wise choice. With Android 9, you can automatically install TV apps that you usually make use of on your Android phone. Other than this, you can also take advantage of streamlining the setup process as well as obtain auto-login on TV. With Android Pie, you can also take home performance improvements. This is particularly true for Android TVs that come with slow hardware. So when you are looking at LED TVs online, see that you pay attention to this aspect so that you can go in for Android Pie that truly serves you in the best possible way. See that you understand what are the features that come with the Android Pie so there is no confusion as to what you are getting. Once that is clear, you can uninhibitedly take advantage of the ultimate viewing experience. The new Sanyo Kaizen Android TV is powered by Android 9.0 and gives you the best experience with your entertainment.

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