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What is the Difference Between the GED and HISET?

What is the Difference Between the GED and HISET?

The General Educational Development (GED) exam and the High School Equivalency Test (HISET) are both used to grant the High School Equivalency Diploma, but they differ in certain ways. GED has four test portions, while HISET has five. Additionally, HISET testing facilities offer paper and computer versions of the exam, whereas GED testing facilities only offer the computer version. The GED and HiSET both evaluate a person’s math, science, social studies, and language skills. HISET uses 5 subtests (one for each reading and writing skill), while GED only uses 4. The GED’s single reading and writing test combines both writing and reading. 

If you can choose between the GED and the HISET, look at the test formats to discover which suits you best. As a student, if you want to appear in GED or HISET exam, you should have to complete the preparation in a smart way. Some students are looking for GED exam help during this challenging time. If you attend your exam in the online learning process, you can avail yourself of this opportunity. In this blog, you will learn the difference between the GED and HISET exams.

The Cost Differential Between GED And HISET Exams:

The Educational Testing Service administers the HISET exam, and state-specific fees apply. For instance, North Carolina costs $15 for paper and $10.75 for computer subtests, whereas Maine residents pay nothing to take the test. The computer-based subtest is $18.75 in Illinois and Pennsylvania, and the paper subtest is $23. The cost of GED testing varies depending on where you are. A state may charge an average of $30, but it may charge as little as $4, as in Arkansas, or as much as $38, as in Oregon. Students have to complete preparation in specific subjects before deciding to appear in GED and HISET exams.

Social Studies:

History and political science are included in the 70-minute HISET social studies exam. Multiple-choice tests are another way to assess someone’s understanding of disciplines like psychology, sociology, and economics. Additionally, the social studies GED exam lasts 70 minutes. His social studies GED gauges a person’s familiarity with the populace and the political system. US history and geography are other topic areas that are assessed.


The HISET exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of scientific principles and capacity to use a scientific problem-solving method. The candidate’s understanding of scientific material is also evaluated. There will be an 80-minute test. The 90-minute GED science exam will be timed. Many of the exams are designed to assess a person’s capacity for interpreting data from scientific studies. In addition, it includes topics in biology, physics, and earth sciences.


Multiple-choice questions are used in the 90-minute HISET math exam to gauge a candidate’s grasp of mathematical ideas. People are expected to find solutions to measuring, estimation, arithmetic, and algebraic difficulties. The data must also be interpreted by you. The 115-minute GED math exam is timed. It encompasses geometry and functional concepts and focuses on addressing quantitative and algebraic problems.

Language Arts:

The 65-minute HISET Reading Test employs multiple-choice questions to evaluate a candidate’s comprehension of written information. Her 120-minute HISET writing test evaluates a candidate’s capacity for text revision and essay organization. Includes essay topics and multiple-choice questions. 45 minutes of the 150-minute Reasoning Through Language Arts GED test are devoted to writing. The reading and writing skills of a candidate are evaluated on this test. Another assignment tests the candidate’s ability to rectify spelling mistakes. Some students are looking to take my exams during this challenging time. 

Comparing GED And HISET Passing Scores:

Every state establishes its own bar for passing the HISET. Typically, you want to pass the subtests with at least 8 points. Additionally, you need a minimum overall score of 45. The essay component of the written exam requires a minimum score of 2 out of 6. Each subtest must be passed with a score of 145 to pass the GED. A college-ready diploma must be earned with a score of 165 or better. A score of 175 or higher will earn you a College Ready Plus Credit designation on your diploma. If you are looking for someone to take my online course, you can also avail this opportunity in the online learning process. 

Every student has a dream to complete their higher education in one of the best colleges. As a student, if you want to pursue your academic career in the best college, you should have to appear in those exams. If you start preparing for this exam in your primary school, you will definitely clear those exams with the best marks. You can also build some essential skills when you study in a known college. When you complete your higher studies in a good college, you do not have to struggle to find a job. Now it depends on you. If you want to make your future bright, you must struggle hard during your graduation time. But first, you have to get admission to the best college based on your desired field. 

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