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What Makes Split Inverter ACs a Popular Choice Among Households?

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It is hard to imagine Indian summers without air conditioners. Even the high electricity bills can’t stop us from using them day and night. After all, no one wants to deprive themselves of ease and comfort. The balanced temperature of the rooms enables you to have a sound sleep and wake up with a fresh mind the next day.

These days, many different types of air conditioners are available in the market that are enabled with cutting-edge technology and modern designs. Split inverter ACs are one of the most popular ones. There are many reasons responsible for their popularity. Effective cooling, smaller dimensions, reduced power consumption, and delivery of sophisticated air conditioning to interior spaces at affordable prices, to name a few. In this blog, we will discuss these ACs and their advantages.

What are the components of a Split AC system?

A split AC has two units;an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit features the condenser and the compressor, while the indoor unit has the blower and an operator. Both units are linked through a pipe.

Why are split AC inverters so popular?

There are many reasons responsible for the popularity of split AC inverters. Some of those are mentioned below:

They are easy to install: Nothing much needs to be done during the installation of these ACs. It involves a simple and less time-consuming mount-on-the-wall bracket process. As no ducts are required to be installed, the placement of these units is quite feasible. It is also fairly convenient as it does not meddle in everyday operations.

They are easy on the ears: Split inverter ACs are quieter than conventional air conditioners. This makes them ideal for use in private spaces, bedrooms, and libraries. The sound-producing ducts can be installed outdoors in the garden or elsewhere where the noise does not matter.

They are easy to maintain: Due to their ultra-advanced build, split inverter ACs are easy to maintain. They come with washable filters that require cleaning only periodically.

They provide all year service: These ACs are designed to cool as well as warm up  a space simultaneously with the help of two distinct cooling and heating units. Therefore, they are ideal for condos, apartments, and multiple-unit dwellings where central air conditioning can’t be afforded. This feature saves your space as well as money.

They are easy to control: Split inverter ACs can be easily controlled via a remote. The operation system is facilitated by the thermostat, making the entire process effective and seamless.

They are cost-effective: These ACs come with smart power consumption technology and work efficiently when only some areas of the room need to be climatised. A 1.5-ton split inverter AC consumes only 1200-1500 W of electricity. Owing to their operational method, their compressor doesn’t work at full capacity, saving you from paying huge bucks for electricity consumption.

They provide faster cooling: The level of cooling can’t be adjusted on a non-inverter AC. Therefore, it can’t cool the space faster when required. This is unlike inverter ACs which can be operated at a higher speed to cool the entire space in a minimum time when required.

Installing a split AC inverter in your home is a great idea, especially if you live in a place that experiences hot summers and harsh winters. We hope this blog provides you with enough information on split AC inverters and helps you understand why those are so popular.

To learn more about these air conditioners’ benefits and technical details, you can visit the nearest shop that stocks them and speak with someone there. Split inverter ACs come in many different variants, so pick the one that suits your needs, and location.

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