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Why and When Should You Service Your Water Geyser?

The winter season is here, and the need for hot water is significant for many people in different regions of India. Electric water geysers are safer, more comfortable, and effortless to use. These cost less than gas-powered alternative water heating options. There are two types of water geysers available in the Indian market- Instant Water Geysers and Storage Water Geysers.

Instant Water Geysers are available in 1-3 litres capacity due to their effectiveness in water heating. It can heat water within a few minutes. On the other hand, Storage Water Geysers store the heated water. Large families with more than five family members usually purchase storage water geysers.

Why Should You Service Your Water Geyser?

It would help if you serviced your water geyser regularly for a hassle-free and smooth functioning of your water geyser. Three reasons you should service your water geyser are:

  • The durability of the water geyser

Servicing water geysers helps improve their durability. It can boost the output of the water geysers. Water geyser servicing assures that the appliance works effectively without causing any hindrance. Water geyser servicing helps thwart pipe leaking, tank rusting, damage to heating rods, and variations in the heating time and output. If you are curious about the life span of your water geyser, call a professional to service your water geyser every six months.

  • Thwart accidents and unfortunate incidents

If there is a leaking geyser in your house, it can result in immense damage. A water geyser leaking signals flawed equipment in the water geyser. If you do not repair the damaged instrument on time, it can result in an explosion, and the geyser explosion can cause stringent injuries. To avoid water leaks and assure that your water geyser operates smoothly, you can inquire how you can drain your water geyser.

  • Make geyser energy-efficient

If you service your water geyser frequently, you can get fresh hot water within a few seconds. Servicing reassures you not to keep your water geyser switched on for a long time and come across an incident where you may have to reheat the water. It helps you use an energy-efficient geyser that can reduce your monthly electricity bills. 

  • Save money in the long run

As years pass by, proper servicing of water geysers helps you to save money. If you service your water geyser every six months, a professional can spot flaws and repair the water geyser within the warranty time. If your water geyser passes the warranty time, you can save spending additional bucks on the water geyser as the damage you might face will not be worse in the future.

  • Detect malfunction in the geyser

A noisy, leaking and damaged water geyser will not give you fresh hot water. If you have such a water geyser, you should repair it immediately. Servicing your water heater at the right time will save your geyser from malfunctions and periodic damages. A professional can spot malfunctions in your water geyser during servicing and aid your water geyser function properly by fixing the problem.

When Should You Service Your Water Geyser?

Servicing water geysers become vital when:

  • A water geyser turns noisy.
  • Geyser starts leaking
  • The geyser either take a lot of time or doesn’t produce hot water at all.
  • The power light of the water geyser does not glow and switches off frequently without providing hot water.
  • A bad odour comes out of the water geyser.
  • Smoke and steam are coming out of the water geyser.

Benefits of Servicing Water Geysers

The benefits of servicing water geysers are:

  • It increases the lifespan of the water geysers.
  • Decreases energy consumption.
  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Save bucks on energy expenses.


Taking good care of water geysers is significant. Servicing water geysers helps them to work for a long time without causing any trouble. You may face unfortunate incidents if you do not service your water geyser, there’s a famous saying- Prevention is better than cure. If you want to buy water geysers online, you can visit the Candy Appliances website and see the type of geysers they sell. Here you can compare different 15L water geyser online and easily select the best option for your home.

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