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Why Do Event Organizers Prefer Using Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos

Corporate events like business meetings, brand launches, annual meetups, etc., are slow-paced. There are nothing fun-like activities to do that connect the audience with the event’s theme. But now organizers have gone smart and are considering adding a different interactive and fun element to their events. The use of temporary airbrush tattoos has become very popular nowadays. Temporary tattoos create a groundswell atmosphere at the event and ensure the smooth brand promotion and social shares. The best thing is that all these can be achieved in a cost-effective as well as entertaining manner.

Let’s find out why event organizers prefer using temporary tattoos.

  • Temporary Tattoos Sets Cool Swag

Attendees or guests in the corporate event can design and get custom temporary tattoos in the form of the company’s typography, logo or any other creative design. This helps organizers to ensure that all the guests in the event share some message or connect with the theme.

San Diego airbrush artist suggests that temporary tattoos also add a cool swag among the visitors, which is different from having earphones or a stylish t-shirt. It will also be a bonus on social media sharing platforms.

  • Temporary Tattoos Work as Ice-Breakers

If the event is very formal, like a seminar, conference or town hall event, custom temporary tattoos with the company’s logo will connect the employees. Even for less formal events like team dinners, executive retreats, dance evenings, and employee sports events, custom temporary tattoos can break the ice and transform the event’s vibe.

One can try different types of temporary tattoos during events, like glow-in-the-dark tattoos, brand logo tattoos, metallic tattoos, colourful tattoos, typography tattoos, etc. A tattoo booth is required where guests will come and make it more organized.

  • Temporary Tattoo Engage Younger Audiences

One of the most interesting things about temporary tattoo is that it appeals to everyone, but kids are crazy about them. On top of that, custom temporary tattoos are safe for kids on their skin.

Kids can try out different tattoo designs like popular cartoon characters, superheroes, etc. The host or the airbrush artist in Houston or any other location can conduct informative sessions for children and encourage them to get tattoos of planets, plants, and sea creatures. Of course, the options are unlimited.

  • Temporary Tattoos for Social Media Shares

Everyone loves flaunting creative and colourful temporary tattoos, especially when they are a part of an event. Temporary tattoos will also make the event memorable. Guests are always keen on getting pictures and publishing them online using the custom hashtag for a different set of events on social media platforms.

Doing so will offer them exclusive pictures from the event, and the organizers will have brand promotion bundled at the same time. Some organizers also use tattoo-backs for writing short promotional messages.

So, now that you know why event organisers prefer custom tattoos make sure to place an airbrush tattoo counter in your event to make it fun-filled and memorable. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us regarding the discussion below in the comment section.

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