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Your Family Deserves the Best Safety: Firewall Protection

Building a home can be anxious and stressful and demands dedication. People often undermine the importance of installing security features while building their homes. The consequence of this is realized later during mishaps and unfortunate accidents. It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure.” Your family and your hard-earned home deserve the best safety.

This article throws light on the features of the plywood infused with Firewall Technology that protects against fires. Here’s all you need to know about this technologically modified plywood.

Plywood is by far the most convenient and versatile material used for furnishing homes and offices. It can be modified easily, cut into typical shapes, painted, polished, etc. It is not just durable but friendly for your pocket as well. Now that we’ve appreciated plywood for its versatile qualities, you might stumble upon a valid question. That is, it is essentially made of wood; what are the safety hazards it may come with coming in contact with fire?

People put in their blood and sweat in building homes, and the safety of their families is a priority for everyone. No doubt, one can have a double mind while installing a wooden framework that could turn a minor mishap into a fatal accident. This is where we enter our solution for you. Firewall Technology introduced by CenturyPly, offers you the freedom to have the beauty of wooden frameworks, along with prioritizing the protection of your loved ones.

Features of Plywood Infused With Firewall Technology

  • This is the only genuine technology in the market that offers guaranteed protection from fire.
  • It accommodates both the Indian as well as American standards of safety.
  • Nano-engineered technology- This makes the plywood even more fire resistant and flame penetration.
  • Structural modification for fire resistance- You get an added layer of fire resistance because of the nano-engineered particles and adhesives used to bind the wood.


Why Choose Plywood infused with Firewall Technology?

The answer to this question can be easily decoded from the features of this technology. This technology is a metonym for the proverb, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

The chemicals and adhesives used in its making are fire-retardant. This ensures that on catching fire, the plywood releases lesser toxic gasses and smokes as compared to your basic plywood. It gives the person stuck in a mishap enough time to escape and not choke. Its slow fire penetration quality buys a lot of time for safe evacuation. Opting for a plywood produced with Firewall Technology is a wise step towards fire accident prevention in your homes and other dear spaces.

The firewall technology is one of a kind, scientifically administered with fire-resistant raw materials to lessen the impact of fire-related accidents. This plywood has low flammability and rate of burning. It also extinguishes the fire by itself once the cause of the fire has been removed. It prolongs the time that is needed for controlling a fire accident. Making it perfect for use in homes, offices, kitchens, auditoriums, interiors of hospitals, and other public places.


Now that you know all about this fire retardant ply, you should be certain about the ply that you choose for your home. This revolutionary technology is not just a marvel of science but also a great asset for the common people. The safety of your loved ones comes first and foremost. This life-saving plywood is a big step towards building safer homes.

Building fireproof houses doesn’t sound feasible. The most you can achieve is by trying to incorporate fire-resistant materials in homes. Using these will help a lot in slimming down the impact of a fire accident and so ensuring a safe home for your family.

If you’re in the process of building your own space, there is still time to replace normal-quality plywood with a safer option. Very often, people are reluctant to make use of wood in their homes for all of these reasons. While it is impractical to avoid the use of wood in its entirety, using safer raw materials would be the wisest decision.

Hoping that this article helped you understand the importance of safer raw materials. We hope that this guide will help you in making healthy decisions!


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