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Your Living Room Isn’t Meant for Germs To Live With You!

One of the common problems faced by homeowners nowadays is the infections caused by microbes. Even if you clean the entire house every day, some of the common places you miss include the furniture. Few people bother to clean the furniture. But all your furniture can serve as the perfect spot for bacteria and other microbes to grow.

A lot of time you spend with your family and friends would be in the living room, on the sofa and on other furniture. This furniture would be in constant use by people. This increases the chances of the spread of infections. Would you like viruses to be a part of your movie time with your partner? Would you want your child to become friends with the newest bacteria colony while they watch their favourite cartoon? Of course not! Therefore, the need to find an efficient virus-killing tool is crucial.

How can you avoid the growth of viruses and microbes on your furniture? How often will you be able to clean the entire house, including the heavy furniture, every nook and corner? The very thought of it sounds exhausting. But the good news is science has evolved so much that we have new technological advances to beat the microbes.

Technology to keep furniture virus free

Even though there have been so many inventions before and after virus-killing technology  like Virokill plywood, the consistency and usefulness nanotechnology provides are lacking in all its predecessors. Mixing and matching technologies have led the way to the development of nanoparticles to kill microbes. The CenturyLaminate for furniture used to be made bacteria-free before. But now, Covid led the innovation of Virokill technology which is infused with laminates too. They make use of nanoparticles-based treatment methods to kill off microorganisms completely. This virus-killing technology has a success rate of killing 99.99% of viruses.

Mechanism of action

How does technology kill microbes? It is a common question that can arise in the minds of many people. The answer is in the nanoparticles being used. These particles have high energy within them and are highly activated. The technology uses the method of contact killing to get rid of viruses and bacterias. When the highly energized particles encounter a virus, their immediate response is to cause breaks in their cell wall. The wall ruptures, and the organism loses all its power to live and die. Ultimately, the furniture is free of viruses.

Benefits of using Virokill

A laminate manufacturer uses Virokill technology to kill microbes. They have other characteristics as well. The impact Virokill has on the furniture is not for a short period. The furniture can last as long as they are structurally capable of functioning well. No issues because of microbe infection would occur. The manufacturers use high-energy nanoparticles in the raw material for the plywood. The polymers and nanoparticles form a matrix, and hence, the effect lasts long. No bacteria, virus, or fungus will grow on the surface of the furniture.

Moreover, the effects of atmospheric temperature, moisture and humidity will not affect the material at all. These natural conditions will not disrupt the technology. Since the technology used, nanoparticles and silver nanotechnology, are the least reactive to normal heat, we consider Virokill technology a thermostable to kill microbes.

One of the major concerns of any new technology introduced is if they are safe for other living beings. As per the safety and quality control assessment, contact with the Virokill was reported as safe for humans. Even kids are safe from the technological effects of nanoparticles. The raw materials used are quite non-threatening, making Virokill one of the efficient and safest methods for virus-free furniture.

The Bottom Line

Killing viruses is no small task, especially since they can divide and mutate at a fast pace. Inventions using nanoparticles make use of complex tools to kill the microbes from a surface before it has time to populate. Use such tools to keep your living room just for you and your family, and not viruses!



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